Friday 16 May 2014

Add Automatic generated build ID in about dialog using Tycho (Maven)

Follow the following Steps to generate Build-ID Automatically form Tycho:

1. Open your plugin.xml which have org.eclipse.core.runtime.products Extension add or replace following properties.

2. In same plugin open MANIFEST.MF and add following lines.
Bundle-Localization: plugin
This allows you to use

3. Create or open your and add following add your about dialog as below.
productBlurb=Eclipse Platform\n\
Version: {1}\n\
Build id: {0}\n\
(c) Copyright Eclipse contributors and others 2000, 2014. \
..... your thing\n

4. Now create a about.mappings file if you already have change it like below.

5. Now open your pom file and add below settings.
    <maven .build.timestamp.format="">yyyyMMdd-HHmm</maven>
    <releasename>5.0.0 RC0</releasename>


6. Run the build now you will get product's about dialog with automatic generated Build-ID.